At Last She Comes

AT last she comes, O never more
In this dear patience of my pain
To leave me lonely as before,
Or leave my soul alone again.

Robert Louis Stevenson
Aftab Alam Khursheed Carefully gone line by line and within words..all readers and those commented overlooked the essence of this poem this poem is about death and separation - (AT last she comes, O never more, In this dear patience of my pain..Poet expected death whereas he already suffering the separation patiently) and the part of the poem - (To leave me lonely as before, Or leave my soul alone again. Here poet said I will be alone in my grave and by this way soul will be without body) interesting just now came in my mind Body and soul here treated as wife and husband..initially a separation and finally a separation either way...fantastic poem and can't be written further so beautiful my humble request to readers please clear your mind and re read thank you (1) (0)
Dash Black It's short and deeply reflecting what happens when you love one who hurts you. A great short piece, some of you critics can't even come up with two meaningful line, you'll need to explain your poems like short stories. Get a life and appreciate good art. (3) (0)
John Yourpoemsucks I coulda pooped out something better (3) (7)
John Yourpoemsucks this poem sucks...alot (2) (6)
John Yourpoemsucks this poem sucks, my homosexual rabbit could've written something better (3) (6)
Carlos Echeverria Stevenson masterfully utilizes enjambment to pack intense feelings into one sentence. (6) (0)
Ramesh T A A most touching poem in a nut shell by R L Stevenson is most surprising and amazing to read here! (4) (0)
Terence George Craddock After several readings and reflection upon the original and two suggested alternatives the poem does indeed have deeper meaning a deeper resonance in the version suggested by Kevin Straw interpret as you will feel free to disagree an interesting piece (4) (0)
Lady Grace this 4-lined piece is very nice..pain, heartaches, loneliness can be seen in this poem but am pretty sure, the author was very inspired writing this.. (6) (0)
Akachukwu Chukwuemeka from my understanding of this poem, the man is in pain for a lover that left him, now the lover is back and he's afraid she will leave again causing even greater pain. after all his patience, he is afraid of what he has waited for. (5) (1)

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