The Small Little Boy

The small little boy hid in fear,
the big shadow chased the child,
faster, faster the little boy ran like a deer
until he could not run the mile.

Seeing the big shadow now for what it was:
A little man with no heart.
in him the boy saw hate because
the little man was the start.

The start of hate.
The start of pride.
In his eyes, the boy saw his sister's fate.
Straight through the little man's disguise.

Then something strange occurred.
the small little boy stood
something in the little man stirred
the small boy knew he could.

The boy knew he could fight.
The boy knew what he had to do.
He reached down with the little man in sight
and the little boy forgave the man he once knew.

Now, love and forgiveness has not ceased.
the little boy and the little man, whom hate did once call,
now live in peace.
Proving that you can make a difference no matter how small.

by Emmy Smith

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That is some inception statement right there
A dream is a wonderful experience when we are not in our active consciousness. great poem.
Imagine waking up, but in a dream, then wake up again in another dream and another dream within a dream within the other dream in an infinite dream cycle that you may never know when you truly wake up. What if were all in a dream right now?
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One of the greatest poem. A honor to read.
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