• A Dozen Roses

    The wilted roses sat regally in the vase.
    Their beauty never more apparent than their now decay.
    The petals fall listlessly onto the carpet.
    She never notices the thorns have no points.... more »

  • A Dreadful Day

    Have you ever walked on a sea of sand?
    And thought it broken glass?
    Have you left your heart in a barren land?
    And be haunted by the past?... more »

  • Absence

    There is no light in this frozen heart.
    No refractions of love to heat my soul.
    I am absent from my own thoughts.
    Inconclusive though they may be.... more »

  • Abyss

    I wear a cloud of loneliness
    A haze in which I bleed
    A color of midnight azure
    Created from senseless need... more »

  • And I Was Alone

    And I was alone with my thoughts.

    Memories swirl in a unison of faith.
    Change has been inevitably declined.... more »

  • And I...

    And I loved for the sake of loving
    Though my love knew not my heart

    And I grieved for the sake of grieving... more »

  • Artic Cage

    I flittered like a frozen butterfly in a silver artic haze.

    My wings wilting erroneously from a chill since unbridled.... more »

  • Awakenings

    Dreams in yellow, blue, and red.
    Wish fulfilled while solace dead.
    Frozen memory on a gilded page.
    Thoughtless sorrow defines this sage.... more »

  • Bittersweet

    And I fell
    Laughing, crying
    Another song... more »

  • Broken Wings

    She has broken wings.
    Her pain is vain.
    The child hurts.
    The woman sings.... more »

  • Burn Me

    Burn me with the ache of a thousand teardrops
    Love me with the mystery of a shooting star

    Burn me with the whisper of tender kisses... more »

  • Butterfly Moon

    Butterfly moon of a flightless dawn.
    Marching softly with a rhythm gone.
    Angels coming in a darkened morn.
    Demons ascending in a vertical form.... more »

  • Consume Me

    Consume me in the burning dance of flesh
    And feed from my heart with lavish exuberance
    While I surrender to the anticipation of rapture... more »

  • Dark Moon Rising

    The dark moon is rising
    No silver left to see
    The crone has awakened
    Her power flows in me... more »

  • Dismissed

    As if I never existed
    Without the benefit of words... more »

  • Dreaming Of The Sea

    I am dreaming of the sea.
    Of oceans of love to bind you with me.
    Silent rocking of your tongue with mine.
    Here in your arms, there is no time.... more »

  • Eclipsed

    I am the winter storm
    I am a moonless night
    I am a soul that's torn
    I am a broken light... more »

  • Epiphany

    I am vain to choose or grasp only
    My soul upon sorrows shelf
    I am walking this road to madness
    Never seeking or finding myself... more »

  • Fences

    If we were all like fence posts…
    We would be uniform and plain.
    Standing in alignment and keeping others out.
    We would hinder sight for all who pass.... more »

  • Fire & Ice

    I am the creator who cannot find
    The soul in which I burn
    A witch of fire, frozen in ice
    Freedom is a flight I yearn... more »

  • Forbidden Encounter

    Ambrosia falls from nectar's lips in waves of molten lust
    Crystalline caresses yearn for luscious flesh engorged... more »

  • I Fell In Love

    I fell in love
    Oh fair friend I should deny
    Of wanton words and passion delight... more »

  • I Found You

    I found you.
    In my heart.
    Obsolete.... more »

  • I Remember You

    I remember you as a dream
    A poignant painting of love
    Whispering echoes of truth... more »

  • I Wept For...

    I wept for the dying of my innocence
    Hanging precariously from a broken moon
    I swirled in the dance of the spiraled flame
    Connections dripping, dangling…teasing... more »