• I Will Not Wake

    I will close my eyes to wake within my nightmare.
    It is the inevitable fate that is called my destiny.
    I will sleep and they will rob me of my consciousness.
    They will rob me of my precious control.... more »

  • In My Time

    In my time of dying
    I knew only pain

    In my time of laughter... more »

  • Lady's Ode To Frost

    Nothing gold can stay today...
    Autumn comes then gold fades away.
    But golden hues of light return,
    Only when in love we yearn.... more »

  • Lady's Reply To The Rose And Leaf

    If I were a rose and you were a leaf,
    the thorns would not grow upon my tree.
    You would bask in the glory of beauty spent.
    Content to reside where my heart went.... more »

  • Lost

    A city lost in a cavernous rage.
    A moment turned in a blank page.
    Heat is hidden within this icy room.
    A door without hinges.  A handless broom.... more »

  • My Gilded Cage

    Masked within this human shell
    Burning in my personal hell

    Awake again but blind inside... more »

  • My Heart Is In Winter

    My heart is in winter.
    My rose lost its bloom.
    In love my pain enters.
    It's cloud perpetual doom.... more »

  • Nothing Is Me

    The silence within dares to dream.
    My beauty is spent.
    Nothing is me.
    I grasp at nothing to find my hands full.... more »

  • Open Pain

    Once upon my mind.
    Memories whispered in kind.
    A gift of open faith.
    Truths steeped in hate.... more »

  • Passion

    My beast has been awakened.
    I shiver from its reverie.
    My desire raised in a breath.
    The beast hungers for you.... more »

  • Purple Suns

    Purple suns and glyphs obscure
    In a dream we met
    Swirling, enticing, esoteric I'm blue
    Yearning for conscience... more »

  • Quiet Whispers

    Quiet whispers of broken truths
    Memory lost of blissful youth
    Making love by candlelight
    Darkness calls me through the night... more »

  • Rainbow Tears

    Through rainbow tears I see love's true colors
    Shining bright amongst them above all others...
    Red, Green, Yellow, violet and blue...
    All these beautiful colors I now see in you.... more »

  • Ramblings

    Rambling on in discontented bliss
    Eagerly I await this wanton kiss
    How many times I have dreamed of you.
    Only to awake lonely and blue... more »

  • Reckless Burn

    Sometimes a flame burns so hot it consumes itself.
    Just as breath gives life; so yours fuels my soul.
    I would go to you with reckless abandon…
    But stuck I am.... more »

  • Redemption

    The flame dances with my soul and my song is rekindled.
    Surrealistic moments tick by in a broken reel.
    Flicker and the wind wisps through my fingers.
    Innocuous thoughts replaced with glorious desire.... more »

  • Shadow Promises

    Shadows of promises broken
    Gloom within this page
    Lightless thoughts keep dancing
    Pain will never age.... more »

  • She Kisses The Hill

    The moon casts shadows upon the night
    Poetry and dreams within my sight
    My mind no longer understands why
    a dancing cloud kisses the sky... more »

  • Sigh

    Words like flowers withered breathing at my side.
    Close my eyes and breathe deep to deaths construction.
    Worn from inside my weary heart.
    Kiss of sweet freedom is but a bane to me.... more »

  • Silver Moon

    Shimmering orb of mystic light
    Flowing energy into me
    My earthly spirit to take flight
    Earth, wind, flame and sea.... more »

  • The Devil's Clock

    The Devils Clock minuets in widdershins as she bows before the two.
    Unclear images within the mirror of a beauty that is not you.
    I dance and dance yet she does not come.
    Before my eyes age replaces the young.... more »

  • The Ebb Of My Mourning

    The ebb of my mourning is now waning.
    My tears now mocking my heart shaped facade.... more »

  • The Master's Touch

    I have greeted my master with this hidden frown.
    Through storm lit eyes I have heard his sound.
    The calling whisper of the night wind's song.
    Dancing, enchanting me, bringing me home.... more »

  • The Moment

    Tis but the work of a moment
    When an angel falls into grace
    When a warrior is broken with tears
    And sin vanishes without a trace... more »

  • The Red Door

    Closeted I stare at this red door.
    Ajar, but as open to me as a vault.
    My nightmare is my salvation.
    Silence now awakening, keeping me distraught.... more »