• The Sin Within

    Oppression, repression, obsession
    Where I find myself within

    Intention, attention, retention... more »

  • The Two Rejoiced In Elemental Bliss

    Night emblem in the grape grove,
    The relics’ of mist all frown statues,
    Glares flicker off light tanned sunrays,
    The foliage dense, character humble,... more »

  • The Unknown

    I am the unknown
    I am that which you seek
    I am chaos torn
    I am never weak... more »

  • Thoughts

    There is a gentleness to sorrow that tames the savage soul.
    Where fear is only an illusion and time is forever on hold.

    There is a wildness to pain that pierces the hungry heart.... more »

  • To Lust With Regret

    What is the night's remorse if not the regret of your lips gone from mine?
    Is it the moon mocking the sun in its endless game of chase?... more »

  • To The Wind

    Less than shadows
    More than light
    Born in darkness
    Shining bright... more »

  • Trapped

    I am trapped, but I will not bow
    I am a prisoner, but you will not break me
    Your sorrows are not mine nor your insecurities
    You cast stones upon houses when yours is transparent... more »

  • Unrequited

    From the past my future will arise.
    Never again to wear my disguise.
    Listening to he who completes the four.
    To my soul I shall weep no more.... more »

  • Untitled

    I walked a road of confusion
    That winded through my tears
    It forked with a disillusion
    That spread between my fears... more »

  • You Don'T See Me

    You don't know me
    Alone I break
    Falling from my heartache
    From the choices I have made... more »

  • You Lied

    You Lied
    Words cascaded effortlessly from a forked tongue
    I was naïve to consider you pure... more »