• Cherub

    In the street
    a little boy
    bends down.
    He found a pebble... more »

  • Noisy Neighbours

    At least three times a week
    Thumps, bangs, a loud crash,
    Doors slamming, metallic echoes,
    Bumps, thuds, sharp edges, smash... more »

  • Renewing Alice

    An aging Alice sits in her room
    Leading a simple life.
    Her big adventures are over.... more »

  • Return

    tell me your dreams and tell me them true
    tell me of days when you were a child
    i need to better remember you
    when it all comes round again in a while... more »

  • Rosa And Arjuna

    Two lovers
    by the stretch
    of open ocean... more »

  • Seven

    One for sorrow.
    Time is borrowed.
    Lost and broken by our fears
    All our dreams will fly away.... more »

  • Shooting Stars (A Sonnet)

    The lamps shine down from windows high above,
    Burning moths, white wings against the light.
    Old roses hang against the well worn walls
    Amongst the darker tangle of the leaves,... more »

  • The Faerie Garden

    Its windows blown by wind and rain,
    down the lanes where no-one came,
    an ancient ruined cottage stood
    with tumbled walls, close by the wood.... more »

  • Whisperings

    There's a song that wafts so gently
    in music faintly heard.
    A song with words so fleeting
    I cannot hold them still.... more »