I am a beggining poet. I just fell in love with poetry one day, like it had fell out of the sky. I can remember Poetry classes in school, but they didn't appeal to me. Basiclly, I had to be force fed Poetry, and one day I woke up!
I now read everything I can get my hands on, and I make a valiant attempt at writing. So please, bare with me in my attempts, and keep on writing. Tony


A . T . Perkins Poems

Big Jack

Big Jack was strapped in
To pull the burden.
The stump was coming out
That was for certain.... more »

The Snow Covered Field

The field, its blanket of snow
and blinding whiteness
surrounds me.
The wet chill, the cold... more »

Been Gone So Long

Been gone so long, but
I've been right here
A shell of a person
Going thru the Motions, The wrong way.... more »

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