• 20 Years Too Late

    I swill the man made liquid
    Down my throat.
    What are you thinking?
    How dare you gloat!... more »

  • 2nd Tuesday In March

    The rain pouring from infinite whiteness
    Soaking the black backdropp of bark. its
    Brown veins with their
    Green tipped buds, ready to burst.... more »

  • Been Gone So Long

    Been gone so long, but
    I've been right here
    A shell of a person
    Going thru the Motions, The wrong way.... more »

  • Big Jack

    Big Jack was strapped in
    To pull the burden.
    The stump was coming out
    That was for certain.... more »

  • Flood Stage

    The sky's part, bringing heavy
    Downpours of rain.
    The rivers rise, and then recede
    Clearing everything in it's path.... more »

  • God Save The Queen

    The Queen sits on the bank of the Ohio river.
    There for mankind.
    She is hurting, she has been
    treated like a whore, under the... more »

  • My Cycle Of Rage

    I can feel my Temper,
    My chest ripping from the beating pace
    my heart is trying to keep up with
    My emotions - mans weakness.... more »

  • No More Hangovers

    I used to drink - alot,
    this guy said, 'Hey,
    try this, no more hangovers.'
    So I gave it a shot,... more »

  • Spring Training

    The grass and mud smell like a marsh
    as it is swept up by the gusts of warm air.
    The ping of bat and ball
    sends six, out of the nine... more »

  • The Sago Mine

    Let me tell you friend.... more »

  • The Snow Covered Field

    The field, its blanket of snow
    and blinding whiteness
    surrounds me.
    The wet chill, the cold... more »

  • Your On My Time

    Our time, measured in years
    go by fast, slipping
    streamlined thru the
    universe - nonstop.... more »