• A Broken Heart Sinking Beneath The Surface

    It is rotten luck to have known of love;
    Where once we were eternally happy, sad but a second in youth.
    This love thing they speak of takes a hold of us
    And we are forever at its beck and call;... more »

  • Accept Your Fate

    What time is this?
    What age of man?
    My body feels so broken.
    What day is it?... more »

  • Ask Love A Question

    Ask love a question

    Love doesn't ask what the age difference is,... more »

  • Beauty


    We admire beauty as we revere art;... more »

  • Born Again

    I am a stranger in a foreign land
    And I have no place to call my home.
    I have travelled as a dark lonely man in this world
    And I still feel the need to roam.... more »

  • Collector Of Souls

    On the blackest of nights, as the winter sets in,
    There is a shadow moving in the distance
    And I can see it is approaching.
    Through blood-stained memories, I am nervous again;... more »

  • Future

    Sentimental memories;
    Dreams of yesterday.
    Wishing for a better opportunity,
    To somehow change our ways.... more »

  • I Choose To Youtube

    When famous people die,
    You get to look back fondly at their lives.
    You get to see what they accomplished;
    You get to read what people write.... more »

  • I Drown In You

    I drown in you.

    Opposites attract.I like that.... more »

  • I Had A Life

    I used to walk down there, in the days of old;
    From way up here, I still hear their words.
    I lived that life, in a world I no longer share;
    Now I'm lucky enough to be flying up here, higher than the birds.... more »

  • If All Else Should Fail.

    Let the light be gone and all darkness embraced;
    Let me leave this world behind me in ruins
    And let me be gone from this place.
    Let the sun fall from the sky and wipe out all who stood before me;... more »

  • Inside My Heart

    You are so beautiful to me,
    So I need to show you, you are inside my heart.
    If everyone else disappeared and I stood here blindly,
    Still I would confess my faith for you and show you my art.... more »

  • Just One Look

    Just one look

    You're a luminescent light in a dark grey world.... more »

  • Lost

    I want to live on an island, but only if nobody is there.
    I want to shine like a diamond in the sun lights reflection,
    But I am finding it hard to find anybody who cares.... more »

  • Love Is A Calling

    Let me be the Romeo you need in this hour;
    Let me be the one to bring you flowers.
    Let me stand hand in hand with you beneath the shower;
    With you in my sights, I could never be dour.... more »

  • My Last Witness

    Let my body hit the floor;
    I can't take it anymore.
    My whole life-time I have been at war;
    I can't take it anymore.... more »

  • Nothing Like Me

    Plan for tomorrow to be nothing like me;
    I only wish I could be nothing like me.
    You claim and I claim that you are nothing like me,
    But the truth is, we are one when we live together with peace.... more »

  • Poem Number 1000 - Part One: It Has No Name

    Wings of purest silver, halo of gold;
    Stand and I will deliver, for a soul I require a soul.
    Forever rolling fields of the green, green grass of home;
    A clone never feels alone, in a world full of clones.... more »

  • Poem Number 1000 - Part Three: Deeper And Deeper

    Forever onward, into a future of possibilities;
    Another line, from inside a mind, without sense, but with sensibility.
    Throughout time I have learned to garner my abilities,
    To become the man you hear; I have earned my dependability.... more »

  • Poem Number 1000 - Part Two: Could Do Better

    This is the thousandth poem I have written;
    I have been looking forward to this day for a very long time.
    Poetry took over my life and gave me a reason for my existence;
    Now I have a reason to do what I must do. I must write.... more »

  • Pretty Ugly

    They claim she's beautiful; I wanna watch her fall,
    Because she sold her soul and now I just want her type to go!
    Plastic surgery; left her with a ruined nose,
    Her heart has decomposed and a- -ll I can scream is n- -o! ! !... more »

  • Sail Away

    Sail away

    We all sail away in the end.... more »

  • Something Beautiful, Something Ugly

    Something beautiful trapped inside a black hole;
    The monster is feeding and swallowing hope.
    It's swallowing souls as its fingers hold,
    Us down by our throats and it will never let go.... more »

  • Sorry To My Unknown Lover

    Sorry to my unknown lover

    Sorry to my unknown lover.... more »

  • Tell Me

    Tell me

    Tell me about love.... more »