• 15 Questions - All This For Love

    Tell me why?
    Why you left your belief for mine?
    Why you think of me before going to bed?
    Why am the first that comes to your mind when you wake?... more »

  • A Beautiful Sky

    The clouds have fallen upon my face
    The stars upon my eyes
    The moon has sent a kiss upon my lips
    The sky has fallen upon my head... more »

  • A Blast From The Past

    Going down the memory lane
    I remembered all those awful times
    Terrible but memorable
    Like the wind in the willows... more »

  • A Love That Is Faraway

    Love came with a rush
    And like a stormy wind
    Swept me off my feet
    I thought i was going to fly... more »

  • A Place To Finally Call Home

    Once i wandered alone
    Looking for a safe place to stay
    Until i came across an haven
    An embodiment of love... more »

  • A Price To Pay For Love

    A long time ago
    In a little city so faraway
    I came across love
    In the heart of a charming young man... more »

  • A Silent Heart

    Though the heart burns with a flame
    That is visible for the eyes that knows love
    Though the heart bubbles and gives a pop sound
    Loudable for a ear that listens to the sounds of love... more »

  • A Slip

    A slip of tongue
    A slip of tongue
    I broke a heart that needs a mend... more »

  • A Tale Of Love

    Once upon a time
    In a little city beyond the seas
    There lived a girl
    Whose heart was stolen... more »

  • Abandoned And Adopted [bruises And Roses - The Series]

    There seems to be an awkward correlation between the two
    The abandoned and the adopted
    It's like one offered a rose after a bruise
    It doesn't mean the bruise will heal for the rose's sake... more »

  • Am I Meant For Love?

    I want to make a history
    I want to write a story
    I want to share a tale
    Not about me... more »

  • Before I Say, 'yes'

    I have to look before i leap
    I have to know the reason for the proposal
    The reason why it was me and not another
    I have to know the reason behind the smiles... more »

  • Being In Heaven

    I have heard of a city
    Where nobody must cry
    There is no reason to do so
    Everybody is always happy... more »

  • Big Baby

    I have watched him sleep before
    Curdled up in bed like a baby in the womb
    I watched in admiration the cuteness in the peaceful way he slept
    And how handsome he looked asleep... more »

  • Can You?

    Can you see me?
    Drapes in hand
    Shades on eyes
    Occasionally I seem to wipe... more »

  • Christ In Me

    Different times have i wandered
    But not in vain
    So many times have i searched
    And in all those times have i found... more »

  • Death!

    Where is thy sting
    Where is thy victory
    Where is thy glory... more »

  • Do Not Live In Dreams

    Do not live in dreams
    Dreams are meant for sleeping
    Do not live in dreams
    The dawn will soon break... more »

  • Don'T Leave Me Empty

    Ever since we said 'goodbye'
    To the tide that brought us together
    I still can't let go of the moments fate kept us together
    Even though our encounter was brought about by serendipity... more »

  • Dreams

    We've had dreams we don't want to wake up from
    We've had dreams which we wish to become a reality
    We've had dreams which can be very dreadful
    We've had dreams which can keep us awake all night... more »

  • Every Night

    Every night
    Comes me wallowing in the stream of fantasy
    Leaves me dreaming on and on... more »

  • Faces In The Crowd

    Many faces in the crowd
    The search goes on for one
    Only some can be familiar
    Few can be recognised... more »

  • Find Me A Heart That Bleeds

    Find me a heart
    A heart that bleeds
    When the world is wounded
    And its people torn apart... more »

  • Funeral - From A Dead Man's View

    I was there at my funeral
    It wasn't has bad as the thought of it
    Except for the soulful cries of my loved ones
    And I am not talking about those who faked theirs... more »

  • Have Got My Mother's Heart

    Nothing more gladdens my heart
    Than to put a smile on another's face
    Nothing makes me happier
    Than to be of help to someone in need... more »