• Battle Of The Soul

    Two wolves forage within your soul,
    Endeavoring ‘til destiny tolls.
    Driven in a voracious fight,
    Spirits actions reflect their plight.... more »

  • Dawning Beauty

    Within body, spirit, and soul, have I just woken up, or is this sublime?
    In the bright lit wondrous skies, how angels could not surmise,
    Should I believe that this will end in time?... more »

  • Firing Desire

    Enduring love, an effervescing flame
    prevail in open air, we merge a whole
    Aware from darker depths to press a claim
    For love we know infused of passion’s role.... more »

  • Lexical Of Love

    Love is the greatest force on Earth.
    Love conquers the darkest dominions.
    Love is priceless for the richest king cannot buy, for it is freely given.
    Love is what binds the world inexplicable odds.... more »