• All I Can See Is Her

    All I can see, is her
    Her faint whisper upon my ear tingled and left me with dread.
    The tree branches that tied the knots in our cherry stems have snapped off of the tree.
    The black mass that consumed her, still haunts these eyes with a deadly sensation.... more »

  • Give "Emo" A Chance.

    I love heavy metal music
    I was born into it, and always will be.
    Loud, mean music is my passion, and it's what I know best,
    But lately, these sad emo love songs have been corrupting my mind.... more »

  • If Only

    ... more »

  • The Creatures Screams

    A thousand cries seep from the ocean,
    The last creature to ever scream so loudly,
    Pierced by a harpoon.... more »

  • The Reason Im An Ok Writer

    I write too much about death
    It getting out of hand
    One second my mind is on a thought about fun
    Then it changes to murder and a morbid use of guns.... more »

  • The Sight Of Evil

    The sound of her beating heart,
    Breaks society
    I can still smell the blood that drips from her broken eyes
    The pupils stare into the black of mine... more »

  • This Town Is Ugly

    From the top of this building, I can see everything.
    The ugly color of a beautiful monument,
    The head lights that flash from headlights on shop windows,
    People who have too much time to walk a little slower and take a look around.... more »

  • To Bathe In Acid

    Breathe in the chemicals
    And let the candles burn out.
    Cleanse yourself in the pain of the water
    And let the smoke streams from the wicks fill you with doubt.... more »

  • To The World

    To the world, I am a menace.
    Another picket sign raised into the air
    The sound of smoke bombs and riot yelling
    The sound of the S.W.A.T Team's feet rumbling across the empty lanes.... more »

  • When A Killer Gets Killed

    They called me a killer
    But not because my eyes that tell the story of a sinner
    Or the way I greet with a voice that says "Ready for another? "... more »