AH Aaron Haralsingh 16/11/1991

There's not much to say except that I'm relatively young and my poems are inspired by life experiences and influenced by my passions. Some of my poems were written when i was just 15 or so and my 'genre' so to speak has moved from depressing love stories to upliftment, spirituality and passion for success in life.
This is mainly due to my maturity through the years and how i have developed as an individual.
I study Medicine and poetry is still very much a passion of mine. I am into literature. I love to write and analyse literary works. I also like Philosophy and i have made a resolve to become a better person spiritually.
I believe that God is my centre and i revolve around Him and i am under His influence and command. I live my life as He commands it. As such, i aspire to get into the medical field to reach out to people and lend a helping hand in improving out health and social structures. I am an avid humanitarian.
I am into alot of charity-work. I feel compelled to donate, to support those things which are for good causes. I hope to be an active member of the Rotaract and later on in life, in Rotary.
I have big dreams. I am highly inspired and a purpose-driven individual. I want to be that change in the world that I want to see. I want to not just do great things, but inspire others to do great things. I want to touch the lives of everyone i meet and everyone who can hear my message.
I have love for you all!



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