• Cocaine

    There's a fine line between who I am and who I think I am
    It's powdered white and disappears everytime I see my reflection.
    It separarates my head from my heart.... more »

  • For Almost Two Whole Years

    For almost two whole years I left my pen inside my drawer,
    my pad safely hidden in a box in my room.
    My grades went up and I quit smoking,
    I forgot about the band and those cliched songs of lost loves... more »

  • Holiday

    Today I found a recipt in your car.
    A holiday for two
    To a place I've never been.
    I guess I know where you were that week... more »

  • How She Does Choose Her Lovers.

    Sorting through the chequered shirts.
    By means of folding and failing
    To keep anything of worth.... more »

  • Intentions

    Hey! Miss interpret this:
    I've still got your clothes and your smell on my sheets,
    I drove down your road in hope that we'd meet... more »

  • 'Life's To Short' She Said.

    If it's awkward then it's alright
    'cause it means we care.
    So moving forward: Unfold your arms
    like you were unfolding that coke wrap.... more »

  • Summer Ii

    'Summer swallowed us whole'
    The sun drew us out from the safety,
    from the log fire that once lit your eyes
    Along a path that looked so appealing.... more »

  • Three

    There's a girl on my bed,
    another on my mind,
    and to make things worse there's one on the phone
    telling me that she's decided she doesn't want to be alone.... more »

  • Throwing Stones

    This morning I picked up two stones
    And threw them into the sea,
    They skipped and sank into an analogy
    For you and me (or you and I?) .... more »

  • Winter

    The estuary tide leaves before my eyes
    and takes with it the sky's clever disguise.
    The sun no longer bounces off of the shore
    As the warming breezes reach their demise.... more »