• 6th June.

    A truth revealed too late,
    Altering the course of my fate.
    Heart break and scars are the things i live with,
    My only escape from this madness is death.... more »

  • A Sad Truth

    I used to love dreams,
    Especially when I was flying,
    And now it seems,
    That I am always dying.... more »

  • Alive Again..

    I Knew I Couldn't Live To See Tomorrow,
    I was Guilty, I was lost In My Sorrow.
    I Wanted To Sleep To Forget,
    But The Demons Of The Night Have Made Their Home In My Head.... more »

  • An Angel

    She moves like the breeze,
    Sways to the music of the bees,
    She's my shade in the sun,
    My breath of air in the morn.... more »

  • Disturbed

    A Fear Of The Darkness Inside,
    Eating Me Alive.
    Mysterious Figures Moving Around In The Depths Of My Brain,
    Driving Me Insane.... more »

  • Dont Go

    I have never mastered the art of loss,
    I am writing this poem.....and you are the cause.
    You are the reason I wish to see the light of day,
    You are the reason........ more »

  • I Hate That Girl

    This is my first poem. I really liked this girl, but the things she's done have poisoned my mind and made me write this.

    Beneath the mask of an angelic girl,
    Lives the evil hearted veiled troll,... more »

  • My Angel

    There's only one resplendent girl who I truly care for,
    She's the only one pretty girl I adore.
    She's the only one beautiful girl who makes my life worthwhile,
    She's the only one graceful girl who makes me smile.... more »

  • The Way I Am.

    Tonight I wake up from my nightmare,
    This pain, this pain inside is too much to bare,
    Tonight I break away from a part of me,
    In that act, I will break free.... more »

  • With Me

    The Evil has faded away,
    Through the gray skies, shines the light of day,
    My transgressions have been forgiven,
    And have been shown the path to heaven.... more »