Aashish Ameya Comments (8)

Weaved emotions so rich for the homeland!
To be gifted is to be cursed.- Aashish
I have read almost all the poems.Iliked it.Keep on writing. With love Ash
Aashish I can't say except that I appreciate greatly our rare friendship; I didn't know India is so Incredible; dear you are INCREDIBLE!
Aashish, I have read seventeen of your poems and I loved all of them. Now I have to sleep - dream and look forward to reading the other thirty eight. Egal...
Hello Aashish, Thank you for comment to my poem. I like 'Idea Of Truth'. Keep writing Best regards
Dear Aashish, Read a couple of of your original works, How true are your words in your one liner 'Intercourse' Waiting to read a lot more Regards Santhosh Vijayakumar
your poems are very nice thing... wrote every day...love with