• Dead Letters

    I try to sleep with no sleep in my eyes
    But i still dream with eyes open wide
    I shed a tear for those who don't remain
    As time goes by - they all look the same.... more »

  • Follow

    i feel this one like the razor's edge
    two more steps to the end
    i am divided and im cutting away
    walking this thin line down the bend...... more »

  • Heart Of Gold

    I look in the shadows but ure not there
    I chase you in the dark I follow you everywhere
    I hide beneath your weight girl and I'll tell you I miss u so
    I'll keep our secrets from your followers but please don't go... more »

  • I'Ve Seen

    I've seen an archer with broken arrows
    I've seen a house where no one lived
    I’ve seen a girl standing on the edge
    And in an ocean, a haunted ship.... more »

  • Juliana

    Lonely is my head,
    With thoughts of you...... more »

  • Mother, Mother


    shining thru the window
    my room has been empty... more »

  • On My Mind

    she is thinking of a make believe place
    and she might take this ship down
    iam burning with the one thats inside
    where silence is yet to be found.... more »

  • Walking In The Rain

    Iam standing on something thats far from real
    I know ive tried but i cant pretend i feel
    I learned to read the signs, never knew you'd go
    Iam empty now u can see me torn in two...... more »