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Her name is Mercy Aba Blankson but everyone except her family calls her by the pseudonym Aba Radical. She is a writer but prefer to call her writing photography of thoughts because that is how she sees the art of putting pen on paper. Her vision is to be able to write anything that can be written.
She is a young Ghanaian student of the Ghana Institute of Journalism offering Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies majoring In Journalism and a past student of Datus Senior High School, Tema campus.


Aba Radical Poems

How Tall Is #thattallguy?

How tall is #ThatTallGuy?

Dear Papa Kwasi, I'm sorry I forgot
The date of today... more »

Where Were You?

Where were you?

‘Obi ba apira me'
I should have guessed it... more »

The Mask

The mask

The mask that I have to wear
The concealed task of covers... more »

Aba Radical Quotes

You never understand why you should not wish to be someone else until others begin wish to be like you, yes even you!
Self worth
The power to put yourself on your toes lies in the ability to put yourself in the shoes of others

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Kevil 04 Aug 2018 06:33
check her out on sweek.com and also on her wordpress blog. www.abaradical.wordpress.com