• *blank*

    Last night was one of kind
    the weather was so warm
    and stranger in the place
    where love is just a game.... more »

  • Another Good-Bye

    But she walked away and you’re thinking why
    When the world is such an awesome place if only she were in it
    She gave no reasons, told you no plans
    There’s no phone number and all lead you have, have died... more »

  • Childs Pain All Grown Up

    And I’m not sure your running anymore.
    From what is
    That is
    Or you’re just not scared... more »

  • George Drieu 1985-12/03/06

    Know one will forget you mate
    Or your love for life
    You captured so many people’s hearts
    Making every moment just right... more »

  • In Your Eyes

    Its in your eyes I feel like this an over whelming since of pour bliss
    In your eyes I am in loved and it’s in your eyes I am a gift and would be missed
    It’s in you eyes I can see my beauty and I can see my future and what I hope is my history
    In you eyes I see your heart I see something missing but I see my part... more »

  • It About You

    Struggling to see the beauty in front of me
    I’m lost and there’s no one in this stupid world but me
    I can see all they guest as they pay their respect
    To the chard remains of hopes once kept... more »

  • Love

    This is the truth that run thou my veins
    this is the pain that one cant explain
    This is my life and this is the truth.... more »

  • Missing In Love

    I lost track of loving you some time along the way
    Finding it hard to breathe coz I no longer feel like I'm me... more »

  • Playing Tricks

    I’m doing it again putting my heart on the line
    And I’m setting myself up for being hurt
    In the end I was ask why
    Tears by my side and I will promise... more »

  • Steer

    You move, and I pull away
    I’m not ready for all the future may
    Hold, in it golden hand
    How do you trust the unplanned?... more »

  • Them

    Your not the only that feels this way
    And you not the only one in this game
    You're not the only falling in love
    We not going to be the ones left behind... more »