• Alwayss

    Standing still is so hard
    world is revolving so fast
    time is spinning right before your eyes
    don't lose your balance... more »

  • Change

    Change is hard
    i try to change
    Sorry im such a disapointment
    I show great deplore... more »

  • Changing Again

    Well here it goes
    I'm changing again
    just like the weather
    accept this change will be for good... more »

  • Charmed

    Carve thy name into my heart,
    in stead of stressed i lay here charmed
    Charmed by the anger in my heart,
    But the charm is coming undone... more »

  • Click Click Boom Boom

    Click Click, Boom Boom
    Somethings happened
    My world has bloomed
    Color is everywhere... more »

  • Damn Love

    I am in love with you
    You are in love with someone else
    You don’t even realize what I feel
    It hurts a ton... more »

  • Eyes

    I close my eyes hoping you'll disappear
    once my hearts savior
    Now a buzzing in my head
    the fly that wont die... more »

  • Him

    My best friend,
    my worst enemy.
    He haunts my dreams,... more »

  • Mask

    I wish I had a Mask
    I wish I had a mask
    A mask to hide in
    To hide my true emotions... more »

  • One And Only Foe

    Even in the darkest times there is a light
    Even when your world is full of clouds and rain,
    there is blue sky.
    Try as i might i can't help my perilous plight... more »

  • Pain And Hurt

    If you think you know pain
    Think you know hurt
    Read through this poem and think again
    Because you have not experienced pain and hurt... more »

  • Poison

    This child dies on the inside
    his voice a mere whisper in the wind
    slowly this red rose
    turns to black... more »

  • Silence

    Silence curses this world
    Empty words flow like a river
    Blown away but a whisper of wind
    No more is the sunset described,... more »

  • To Jump Or Not To Jump?

    A person told me i needed to open my eyes
    i needed to see the world
    she said i don't jump when she would
    that is true... more »

  • Why?

    Why do i cry so?
    Its like PMS
    it comes monthly
    right at the end... more »

  • Young Poet

    I am a young poet
    Do not know much
    I don't have a big vocabulary
    Nor big poems... more »