• A Kiss On The Lips

    A kiss on the lips
    sparks a smile
    the smile sparks happiness
    happiness sparks one less scare... more »

  • Gone

    Memories fall from my eyes
    Your voice rings in my ears
    to think you are gone
    the words you last spoke are now simply scares... more »

  • Sometimes

    Sometimes I think
    Sometimes I wonder
    What death would be
    Sometimes I think... more »

  • Unanswered Questions

    We are all soldiers
    Waiting to die on the front lines
    Desiring a death of meaning
    With love and had hater... more »

  • Unanswered Questions (Spanish)

    Todos somos soldados
    Esperando a morir en la primera línea
    Deseando una muerte de significado
    Con amor y tenía hater... more »