• Break It All Away

    why you always suffocate in these walls,
    which trample your good feelings and thoughts,
    and then make your tears come out and fal,
    and you feel no one listens to your wails and calls,... more »

  • Fear

    gradually strolls on my soul
    its fierce, harsh and cold
    grasps ma heart squeezes out
    hope that i hoped wud last out... more »

  • Hope

    when pain embraces me and becomes riveted to my heart,
    when my heart is shackled by failures,
    when my heart sears with depression,
    whenever this world ought to strangle my blue sky,... more »

  • Numb

    tears sliding down the courses of my cheek,
    for i was bleeding inside, my heart seared with pain,
    for pain remained undented inside me,
    crippled and mangled the living optimist in me,... more »

  • Tears

    my heart all but mutilated,
    happiness strangled inside me, myself disconsolated,
    the knot of depression tightens inside me,
    suffocating in pain i cannot break free,... more »

  • The Facade

    snow flakes brushed the focus of my sight,
    which was affect, sheathing an axiom,
    in the back of my mind,
    i held curiosity,... more »

  • This Is Who I Am

    sometimes i feel so happy,
    sometimes i am kind of sad,
    at times i hang by a thread,
    somtimes i am soaked glad,... more »