AW Abdul Wahab

Quotes (1938)

‘' No idea is an idea if it does not take out ignorance and eliminate poverty ‘'
''' Love for knowledge is equal to love for life''........nw
'' Who love knowledge they love themselves''.........nw

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Poetry will vanish tonight or my mind will explode So the stern warning is, keep distance or pull aside
Peace is an option And war is compulsory No reason for you Still you can be attacked upon
On behalf of PH family, all fellow poets and our family, we offer a title of honour to poet Abdul Wahab as, Loving Identity (প্রেমময় পরিচয়) . From today onward he will be known as Loving Identity Abdul Wahab. In Bangla he will be known as প্রেমময় পরিচয় আবদুল ওয়াহাব. In Urdu he will be known as محبت کی شناخت عبدالوہاب. This title of honour is offered to him due to his valuable contribution to the literature. We hope all fellow poets and visitors will like this.
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