• Curse To The Bloodthirsty!

    Curse to the bloodthirsty!
    The foes of peace
    Who want to see world in wars
    To see blood streaming is their evil wish... more »

  • Enugu

    A pride garden of nature
    Where water copulate with arable land
    To give birth to handsome landmass... more »

  • Godfatherism: Menace To Democracy

    Like a tick
    On a cow or the
    Weed to the crops
    Like HIV virus in a... more »

  • How Would It Be?

    How would it be?
    When men of God
    Turned to be men of goods... more »

  • I Don'T Know Why

    I don’t know why
    Despite my barbarism
    She applauds me as a saint... more »

  • My Dream: My Vision

    I dreamt a big dream
    Of countless people with drums
    Gently drumming, mimicking the
    Rhythmic sound of my rhythmic poem... more »

  • Nsukka

    The town of old ripened by the university
    The intellectual nerve of the secessionists
    Where lies your heritage?
    In your spreading sacred tree... more »

  • Rainy Season

    It is yet another rainy season
    The season of pride and enjoyment
    Hurray! Everyone is happy because... more »

  • That Thing In Me

    That compliments me
    That befriends me
    That whispers in me
    That encourages me... more »

  • The Inevitable

    Hi pedestrian and you cyclist
    You motorist and you on board

    Oh you poor and you Mr. Rich... more »

  • Tiresome Visit

    On a rough road
    full of potholes,
    in a corrugated
    smoke exhaling... more »