• I Am A Broken Mirror

    I am a broken mirror,
    Which was broken when you look.
    There is a hidden rose in my heart,
    And never laugh at me as a kook.... more »

  • I Am Not Waiting For Anyone

    When the brids were flying past over my head,
    I realy wanted to fly with them.
    Just like their feather and wing,
    Becouse I was fed up your mim.... more »

  • My Voice

    this is not my frist voice,
    since i came the world.
    but do you know my heart saying that
    only that, i am here for you in the world.... more »

  • Roads

    It is so far distanice with wind,
    It is so high balance with mind.
    I believe I will get my goal,
    Becouse roads so kind.... more »

  • The Uyghur

    You asked me who is the Uyghur?
    Look the Tianshan and Tarim.
    They would say forever and forever
    Laughters, crys, dignity of him.... more »