I was born The Kashghar of Xinjang Autonomy Rejion Of China 31th August of 1984th in an Uyghurs fmily.Uyghur an ethnic gruop like Turkish and Uzbek.We are very like Uzbek, Turkish, Tatar, Kazak.I have been studying english two years by myself.And now I am studying literature at Humanism department of the Kashgar Teachers college.I am musulin.
I am also guid for tourist in The Kashighar.Well come to Kashighar.And please contect with me.
Phone - 0998-2942034


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I Am A Broken Mirror

I am a broken mirror,
Which was broken when you look.
There is a hidden rose in my heart,
And never laugh at me as a kook.... more »

My Voice

this is not my frist voice,
since i came the world.
but do you know my heart saying that
only that, i am here for you in the world.... more »


It is so far distanice with wind,
It is so high balance with mind.
I believe I will get my goal,
Becouse roads so kind.... more »

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