• A Perfect Night

    A walk through the night
    Before it gives birth to her own day
    Just the night
    Just me in the night... more »

  • Be A Hero

    Be a heroine
    And say no to cocaine
    Read and learn so you can gain
    Don't be a slave to heroin... more »

  • Bee Honey

    From afar
    I hear your buzzing
    I draw closer
    Befuddled by what it would be... more »

  • Blue Lies

    You walk on the sky
    As it bends for you
    To put your golden feet
    You dine with Queens... more »

  • Butterfly

    Following you from a distance
    With my gaze
    You can't just be lost this way
    Like a hawk in the sky watching a prey... more »

  • Chains Bond

    Consumed by this emotion
    Devoured by this affection
    Engulfed in this addiction
    Entangled in this feeling... more »

  • Crossed Roads

    I wear the crown
    I hold the sceptre
    I am the pacesetter
    I take the lead... more »

  • Dark Night

    In my search for the day.
    I am lost in the night.
    Darkness over takes my sight.
    I'm blind to the dark night.... more »

  • Daughter Of Eve

    Here I stand
    Just outside your well guarded heart
    Heavily fenced like a palisade
    Hard to penetrate... more »

  • Day And Night

    Hail me! The day
    Hail me! The night
    I am the sun
    That shines so bright... more »

  • Eureka

    I found it
    You is the lord
    So huge, so large so radiant... more »

  • Feed The Needy

    In my eyes
    Many are the things I wish
    Little are the things I have... more »

  • Fortieth House

    Your affairs are mine
    Your safety is my concern
    I don't care what you speak
    Nor the colour of your skin... more »

  • Free Doom

    You say it's free
    But you force it on me

    I just want to be free and me... more »

  • Friends And Foes

    Helping hand he pretends he throws
    In reality, he is leading you to throes

    He calls himself a friend but he's just a foe
    Who savours your pain and woe... more »

  • Heartless Body

    The dawn crawls in
    With a growing antipathy
    I await the announcement
    Of your death... more »

  • Hound

    It barks all night
    For every footstep
    It hears at my doorstep
    It vigils all night... more »

  • How Large Are You

    A star, above so high
    I only hear of her might
    Far beyond the visualisation of my mind... more »

  • How To Kill A Rat

    A rat; an animal larger than a mouse
    With large ears and pointed snout
    A dangerous one
    It lives in human habitation... more »

  • Humble Path

    I lived a kind of life, short
    Of focus, blinded by all
    The imaginary glitters and glamour
    Of this empty world ... more »

  • Iam Strongman

    Iam Strongman
    Strongest of them all
    Super heavyweight champion
    Knocks them all out... more »

  • If Friends Were Foes

    If friends were foes
    And foes were friends
    Would my foes' foes
    Be my foes?... more »

  • In Confusion I Lie

    Looking at you with a smile
    How can you be best qualified
    Angel or goddess-like
    In confusion I lie... more »

  • Intrigues

    This journey of a thousand miles
    Didn't start with a smile
    Never give up
    Nor retreat... more »

  • It Was This Day

    It was this day
    A shining star was conveyed
    Into our world two months to May
    Brighter than the sunshine's ray... more »