• For Sherri

    While you were away
    I wrote you a poem,
    To persuade you to come back to stay.
    You came back, within my reach,... more »

  • He Only Writes When He's In Love

    He only writes when he's in Love,
    And the cigarette burns too close,
    Only when the broken nose has bled dry
    And the swollen eyes are opened... more »

  • In An Unsent Letter To Ann

    The Swans came out today.
    My bread pulled them near.
    They're not so majestic up close.... more »

  • Loyalty And Fidelity

    A call I received
    Said you were out drinking.
    And making yourself open
    To a book, closed before.... more »

  • Oh What To Do?

    Then tell me,
    Of a mother’s love.
    That unconditional, undying, unselfish love.
    Tell me of how she forgives,... more »

  • Reliving Heartache

    When you left me
    I cried.
    When you returned reluctantly
    I died.... more »

  • Second Poem To Sherri

    I remember
    One day that could have
    Changed everything.... more »

  • Second Unsent Letter To Ann

    Summer was never so warm
    As the snowy night we laid
    By the heart of the fire
    Downstairs.... more »

  • Sister's Sonnet

    Make no mistake, that though he loved them all
    And always took his good fortune in stride
    (Fortune coming thick or thin, short or tall) ,
    One shone a bright eye through high or low tide.... more »

  • Toast

    To the man she loves,
    The man she says I'll never be.
    The man who's focus is abolished
    The moment she strolls in.... more »

  • Unripe Fruit

    Remind me again.
    The graceful tranquility
    Of a calm lake,... more »

  • Vainly

    'Smile, '
    She said to me
    As smoke swirled elegantly
    Encircling her visage.... more »

  • When I Wake Up

    In thinking one late, starry night,
    Drowning in thought when most are buried in dreams,
    A knife ran through my chest, an urge to hear your voice.
    And so I called you and I said,... more »