• Anger

    Anger a slave master to our mind
    Malicious and manipulating
    An influential beast
    Ready to strike the second the light in the stars go out... more »

  • Canvas

    I look inside my head, seeking secrets of my future
    Yet as far as the eye can see is a canvas
    A dazzling abyss of purity
    I hear voice echoing in the distance... more »

  • Endless Time

    An endless cycle
    Like the black hole of reality
    Too short to remember, to long to embrace
    The smallest atom that builds existence as we know it... more »

  • Father

    I speculate and I assume
    What is father I ponder
    As I look into the distance, I know only Mother Nature can answer
    So I begin my noble quest... more »

  • Golf

    The sound of golf balls clicking brings me joy.
    The ball is flying like a soaring bird.
    Yet walking hours throughout the burning course.
    Too soon these days of golf come to an end.... more »

  • Hero

    Thinking of questions in my head,
    I once met a young boy
    Sitting on a bench in a field
    Crystallized with glistening water... more »

  • History

    History, a figment of imagination
    Manipulator, and manipulated
    Successor of time, and friend of memory
    You speak of a horrible past,... more »

  • Holly

    There once was a girl named Holly,
    She said" I'm way to jolly.
    She was so happy
    That she got knee acne... more »

  • Holly The Girl

    There once was a girl named Holly,
    She said" I'm way to jolly.
    She was so happy
    That she got knee acne... more »

  • Memory

    Memory, not needing to say a word
    for having vision within the soul.
    Slaves, entwined in each other
    Charioteer for your mind,... more »

  • Rainbow

    A shimmering dream
    A illusion for the heart
    A puzzle for the brain
    A entity that makes us question what reality is... more »

  • Stars

    Stars, entities of imagination
    Twinkling and dancing, in a starry bay
    They send a beautiful sensation... more »

  • The Old Man With A Goose

    There once was an Old Man with a goose,
    It had a colorful blue noose.
    It had a young spouse,
    Who lived in my house.... more »

  • Traveler

    Once I met a traveler from a distant land
    A land simply an antique, in his vast memory
    For he walks the stretches of our realm
    An explorer to the hidden path of enlightenment... more »

  • Waves Of Memory

    Memory, like a drop of water
    There one day, then gone forever
    Purifying and cleansing, but not lengthy enough to catch
    Others, stain you, scar you... more »