• Devil's Conquest

    Kerala, T'is called 'Gods own country'
    Is today, mired in controversy and in a quandry,
    Everyday, news and views abound
    Of law 'n' justice, gone overboard 'n' aground.... more »

  • Mumbai Terror

    When on Mumbai, terror again struck
    On the 26th of November, night
    little did the crowds knew, that they did be stuck
    on the streets like a sitting duck.... more »

  • My Love Eternal

    At this moment, when the year end draws near
    I remember you, all the time, dear
    my mind, always astray, for you
    To see 'n' talk to you.... more »

  • Our Brave Soldiers

    Soldiers! Our soldiers, beloved and brave,
    To thee, we salute, with our soul 'n' heart.
    Our country, with conviction and dedication, you serve
    and in stature, you grow, in our hearts.... more »

  • The Lost Soul

    In land unknown, the soldier, lots of 'em, come
    to get to task, and t'is new for some;
    Motivated 'n' high, to complete a task, clean and fast
    and for some, to keep, in memory a thing of the past;... more »

  • To My Valentine

    My Dear, Thou're to me, my love dearest
    Wishing, you're to me, always nearest,
    On this Valentine day, before you, on my knees, I fall
    To profess my love 'n' say to you, 'You, My Dear, in your love, I fell'.... more »

  • Virtual Love

    O men 'n' women, Of love, you have heard and read
    where the emotions, in your heart, you dread;
    'cause in life, the passion, it whips
    and your soul, to the bare, it strips;... more »