• Autumn

    The clouds of autumn before Durga puja;
    the wind thereby from the east,
    brings along celebratory mood afloating
    and the joy of long awaited feasts.... more »

  • Before Dawn

    It is almost morning,
    There ain't a sleep in my eyes.
    Hoping to see the sun rise today
    And make us warm after the night.... more »

  • Bird In The Midnight Sky

    I just saw a bird fly
    In the darkness of the sky.
    Maybe taking a boredom break,
    Sitting since evening upon a tree high.... more »

  • Color

    What is a color?
    Only a part of the mix.

    When we take it... more »

  • Downfall Of The Ugly Mass

    The world has seen it's ugly mass
    Drowning it day by day.
    Worrying won't take it to places;
    Taking it's toll in every possible way.... more »

  • Elephant On The Watchtower

    A certain king had gone to war
    With his men on horseback.
    He had a shield the Queen had sent
    And his sword had a nice bend.... more »

  • Green Trees

    I am looking at the shadows
    Of the trees outside my home,
    Through the window on the ceiling
    Looking like a dome.... more »

  • Love

    Is love the sweetness of flower,
    Or is it a feeling deep enough to penetrate our heart.
    Is it a cloud cover after a hot sultry noon in tropical summer,
    Or is it a child's comfort in his mother's arms.... more »

  • May

    The first light of the day
    As I woke up, found
    It is May.... more »

  • Mending The Broken Heart

    The heart it speaks a thousand words
    And would never retreat,
    Thinking of the hand that was
    There to carefully make pieces of it.... more »

  • Midnight Blues

    Its almost 2 at night,
    I am still awake.

    Got to get out early morrow,... more »

  • Morning Tea

    As my morning tea was served,
    I saw vapours going up
    Out of the transparent cup.... more »

  • Sands Of Time

    The thoughts of the olden days have returned
    Reminding me of the leaves I've turned.
    Some good some bad o'er the years,
    We've crossed miles facing the fears.... more »

  • The Beautiful Odd Day

    It's a beautiful day!
    The sun's on it's way, I feel the wind in my hand.
    I can see some clouds, that's crowding the mounts,
    It's gonna rain, I can feel the coolness in my mind.... more »

  • The Camera

    I keep on snapping with my camera
    It sees everyone in front of it
    But can it see itself ever?
    Will it ever know it is that much clever?... more »

  • The Faithful

    He was seen at different places,
    He was seen with different people,
    He was thought of as an infidel one.
    He knew in heart, his faithful terms.... more »

  • The Kid

    The kid in me wants to laugh
    Wants to go all places.
    Fears nothing, nothing at all
    Enjoys every breath with fun.... more »

  • The Mind

    The human mind
    Is a complex process.
    It will let one
    Beat the bosses.... more »

  • The New Line

    The old line has faded away,
    It is seldom clearly seen.
    The depth of time has made it's way
    In subconcious mind, unseen.... more »

  • The Pigeon Calls

    It was morning.
    The birds were playing.
    Coo coo coo
    The pigeon calls.... more »

  • The Subconscious

    Conscious, conscious
    Is what we know.
    Conscious is where
    The light will glow.... more »

  • The Yellow Flowers

    The yellow flowers outside my window-
    Kissed by sun rays in the morning,
    Glowing like they are smiling.... more »

  • Unconscious

    Cloudy weather,
    The birds singing,
    A light wind: susurration,... more »

  • When I Touched The Tricolour

    The moment I touched the Tricolour
    Adrenaline rushed through my arteries.

    It was the National Flag... more »

  • Who Am I

    What is life?
    It ain't worth no dust!
    We live and we work
    But it's not worth it at all.... more »