A poet from India. I write when something is on my mind. Poems are a part of my life. I feel poems are a very good way to express your thoughts and emotions which you might never share with anyone else when talking. I find poetry in every movement in nature. Everything is poetry around us, some hurt and some make us happy.


Abhisek Ghosh Poems


The clouds of autumn before Durga puja;
the wind thereby from the east,
brings along celebratory mood afloating
and the joy of long awaited feasts.... more »

Who Am I

What is life?
It ain't worth no dust!
We live and we work
But it's not worth it at all.... more »

The Beautiful Odd Day

It's a beautiful day!
The sun's on it's way, I feel the wind in my hand.
I can see some clouds, that's crowding the mounts,
It's gonna rain, I can feel the coolness in my mind.... more »

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