• Eyes Without Face

    Every night, two eyes gaze me.
    Every sight, them seem unforeseen.
    In my bed, I try to recognise them but I can't.
    With the rising sun, the whole dream is lost.... more »

  • Insane

    Though rarest of rare, but it do occurs each day somewhere.
    killing not a women but her soul.
    searching for the faces who have made our society foul.
    for politicians, it might be a good or bad omen.... more »

  • Light Behind The Clouds

    ... more »

  • 'New Year, New Hope'

    Old year shed like the leaves of a tree.
    No matter how bad it was, lift your eyes & see
    The delight of a new angel who is coming to you.
    Whose face is bright & whose eyes are blue.... more »

  • Searching My Wings

    Myself a part of the crowd,
    Watching the clocks; like her hands
    Mine too round and round.
    Listening to her movement,... more »

  • The Dark Streets

    The darkness of my street
    ester few memories in my eyes.
    while I'm walking with my shadow..
    while I'm talking with my shadow.... more »

  • Thy Tears

    THY cries out in pain tonight.
    Tears are dropping down from a cloud.
    No one hears it but me.
    I stood up in the wet grass.... more »

  • What Happened To Her? ?

    Piercing the sorrow of hearts,
    And freezing them to a corner,
    The park get back the spring.
    Amid my eyes, a pigeon is doing the job.... more »