• Life's Like That...

    Life's weird, says a weird guy,
    There's nothing to do as the time flies by,
    A new day, new hopes, full of spirit,
    Heck, whom am I kidding, It's the same old shit.... more »

  • Of Maladies And Remedies

    Oh! My son is ill. What do I do?
    'What ails him', asks I.
    A cold so bitter, so unjustly cruel.
    It pains to watch him suffer.... more »

  • Thank You For Smoking! ! !

    The smell of tobacco still lingers fresh in me,
    Passive as I'm, it's still smoking, You see!
    A Puff for me, A puff for you, A puff for the world to see.
    A puff to hide reality.... more »

  • Violated Self...

    Rose, Rose, they all yelled,
    A flower she ceased to be.
    Peace, she is no more.
    Why did she believe in Thee?... more »