• A + N

    Some things go together
    Stick like glue
    Me and You
    The bee and the honey... more »

  • A Boy

    She's got scars on her wrist
    With her nails painted black
    She's a seventeen-year-old darkness queen
    She's a rebel, she's a rocker... more »

  • Adults Lose Love

    Just because i'm young
    doesn't make me incapable of feelings
    i know what love is
    don't tell me i don't understand... more »

  • And I Dawdle Home

    I walk out of class as the bell rings
    the bird in the tree outside sings
    i walk down the steps and wait for awhile
    because i can't wait to see your smile... more »

  • Annoying

    It annoys me so much
    that sometimes i want to shoot it
    why is it being this way
    everything it does... more »

  • Another

    You and everyone else said it
    That we would fit like glue
    The smile on our faces said it all
    It was a fairytale come true... more »

  • Are You Ready To Rock And Roll?

    Nails bitten to the bone
    and are you ready to rock and roll
    pick up your freakin dog and bone
    and are you ready to rock and roll... more »

  • Ask

    There was once born a boy with blonde spiky hair
    who fell for a girl with hair dark and fair
    they chatted each day until a month near may
    when the girl told a friend she liked him... more »

  • Back In The Game

    I don't know what it is
    but i seem to attract boys
    so look at me
    i'm back in the game... more »

  • Back The Way They Were Before

    You let me walk away
    neither one of us said goodbye
    because there was nothing left to say
    i could say sorry but it wasn't me... more »

  • Back Together

    let me show you
    my hand
    look, this place where yours belongs
    but you walked away from me... more »

  • Backseat Of My Mind

    I was talking to you only yesterday
    i wasn't totaly there, i was in the backseat of my mind
    and there you whisked me away
    i'll give you all the love you give to me... more »

  • Be Happy

    I know it's not my place
    And i know i'm being kinda mean
    And unsupportive
    But why must you be under a constant dark cloud... more »

  • Become Of Us

    What has become of us?
    all that we used to be
    i cannot see
    what has become of us?... more »

  • Broke Me

    You know that heart you disected
    last week in science
    well i think it may have been mine
    tryed so hard to be gentle with my fragile mental state... more »

  • Cant Believe This

    I've never cryed like this
    sobbed into a pillow
    screamed into my hand
    had a mental breakdown... more »

  • Cant Get Rid Of You

    i can cross your name off of paper
    i can delet photos of youi could block you on facebook
    i could move classes
    i can scrub your name from furniture... more »

  • Can'T Help You

    You realy don't have any idea
    how silly you look in the corner all alone
    why don't you speak? ? ?
    you feel left out... more »

  • Charlotte

    nobody says lifes gonna be bliss
    but storybooks say that
    it comes close to this
    to paradise... more »

  • Clean Slate

    so look at you
    no, realy, look
    you're beautiful aren't you
    and you're right at the start... more »

  • Close To You

    I wanna know your favourite colour
    so i can paint my fingernails accordingly
    i wanna see your baby photos
    and laugh at you on the loo... more »

  • Come Waste Sunday

    Come waste the day away
    with me
    just come and stay
    today... more »

  • Course I'M Ok

    You tread on eggshells
    because you think i'm like you
    you think i'd cry
    like you would... more »

  • Dark Room

    I'm sat in a realy dark room
    no windows
    no doors
    i can't get away... more »

  • Depressing

    You depress us all
    and you create an atmosphere
    that we all hate
    yet we stil feel like we should apologise for you... more »