• A Great Woman

    What makes a woman great?
    That of her beauty, little great inside
    Intelligence like mode of instinct
    Special than diamond, smell like rose... more »

  • Balm Of Idol

    O perfection of the blue sea
    You fount of the idols breathing underneath
    Thou art a speckless spirits;
    Thy house is a breed of beauties.... more »

  • Bye Mother

    Do I accept it now
    Or wait till when we meet again
    That mother is gone and
    Never dropp a note of her coming back?... more »

  • Choices

    Let go to the sea
    to have sand bath
    salt bath
    and sun bath... more »

  • Confusion

    Here is full of sand
    Here is full of water
    Here is full of weed
    Everywhere is full of wrath and chaos... more »

  • Gentle Gin

    Gentle I go
    When her glimpse
    Attracted my coming back.... more »

  • In Your Eyes

    In your eyes
    I see tomorrow
    What... more »

  • Knight Of Gold

    I came back home laid tired on my couch
    Walking by the doldrums road seemed long like way to heaven
    I saw one imp that spiteful like inferno
    Suddenly turned into two dragons frightening like gold... more »

  • Lagos Bar Beach

    Fear pedal my heels to absconder
    Slow down by the angry teeth of ocean grit
    Crab, lobster, clam are no more here
    They said to be hidden by the goddess... more »

  • Lagos My Home

    I felt the modesty of a village genre
    Having leaved for city mid-twenties
    To brighten the future as mama told me
    Things here are mystical, uncanny... more »

  • Land Of Jesse

    Dear land of Jesse
    Upon the city of sage and enterprises
    Where river 'Y' tapped her glory
    There I heard the wailing of your children... more »

  • Media Letter

    In quest for a maiden
    I glued to my radio set
    Heard my request waved in the air
    While I still chuckling... more »

  • My Father Is A Great Hunter

    In those days they say
    Animals live in the bush
    I wish my father can travel go West
    To see cat and dog... more »

  • Take Me Home

    Take me home
    Where your elders
    Can see our love... more »

  • The Moon

    Hello dear moon
    Aged long on a fertile soil
    Like seat of a fig tree.... more »

  • The Womb Of A Mother

    Hands froze to the chest
    Grudge of soreness flies with the brink of anger
    The foretell of the gods –
    Kolanut, red oil, clay pot... more »

  • Village Girl

    Why cant you just say what’s in your heart, why must you always play another’s part hiding from the feelings you have deep in your heart, tearing apart what was so beautifully Clear, why could you not say those three little words my dear…... more »

  • Yeye Osun

    Dream of the night laid legs on my groin
    To bring alive my unborn children from heaven
    Crouch of the day deeper my soul into spirituality
    Bond of incantation serrated me with bangles... more »