Abraham John Jaggernauth Poems

Fair Maiden, The Titanic

Searching amidst, the sea of depths
The waves are crashing, under-swept
For today, another one has gone
Under, under, asunder beyond... more »

Even Tides

'Sailing past the shore of regret, I'm met with waves of forgiveness in set.
To see them come bow before, this boat of love and move me more.
To this way and that, forgiveness can be tough like a ring-side match,
But once aligned and set in mind, the oars do the working and the waves behind.... more »


Deep within, on the inside, I feel a cry, a terrible mire; a hole within, a sickness inside.
Beneath the smiles, beneath the hi's, a feeling of sadness, that tears my insides.
To express it best, words I cannot confess, but written out, it lessens the stress.
Why has this come, as if a test, the deepest parts, are without rest. Looking within I seek to rest, but find out things that leave me restless.... more »

Abraham John Jaggernauth Quotes

'The Unknown Being I Am Has Begun Automatically But Slowly Decoding Itself, Revealing My True Identity.' 4/14/15 -Abraham Jaggernauth
Identity By Self-Discovery Within!

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