• A New World

    -A New World-

    'As long as I have thought, the world to be a beautiful place; but now seeing, is in need of much grace.... more »

  • A Strange Life.

    Take Me aside and show Me your life?
    This life that's alive and not a lie;
    Will you show Me the life inside.... more »

  • Another Day

    I'm nothing here, and I'm nothing there
    I'll be something somewhere, when I'm out of here

    Far away, on another day
    I'll make my way, to the other stay... more »

  • As Soon!

    There goes again, as the lift is laid ready; presumed as steady, now I am ready. There and then, time is spent, and measured, and prepared for this event.
    Once more, the same thought, another chore, still more, yet not.
    As of now, the time has come, but ill prepared and still undone.
    ...Wait! Where did it begun; as soon as I'm ready, I'll begin, and be done.... more »

  • Beginning

    This is the time that starts again; the same reason, something has end.
    To start again and begin again, to start anew and finish it then.
    This is a beginning, when everything is over; the only thing left is deciding where to go over.
    To this or to that, or to that then another; when you beginning the possibilities are forever.... more »

  • Cancel The Debt

    Think through the plans you make..., who knows the day that you fail and they break.
    Master your mind and what it makes because you might just be following another person's old trail.
    The details are great, arrayed out in full display; this isn't yours' it's another's tale.
    Your story began but is left plain; all the same, the same name, same game.... more »

  • Candle Light

    Just this one time, the light is upon our lime.
    This is our time, the lights, the camera, the life.
    This time, we make our life, we make lights.
    We shine, and this night is our time.... more »

  • Conquer And Command

    The last ounce is the greatest and best, the sweetest of nectar, and the strongest of sweat.
    This is the break a'neck test, to the last drop of your best; to pour out more and never end.
    On and on it goes, but you can't stop, you can't let go.
    This is war, to conquer you fears and command your days; no this is not the same, this fight is for the greatest thing.... more »

  • Covenant Love

    Weaved in blood, the sound of love; The two become one, a new journey has begun.

    Blessing in blood, true is their hope; consummation reveals, their love to the world!... more »

  • Crimson Blue

    -Crimson Blue-
    Color the sky Red and let's paint it over together Blue!
    For this is not a Fantasy but Reality too!
    Looking into the Future from a Past not (K) new!... more »

  • Dead Silence

    It is said silence is virtuous, but silence is dead; my mouth will speak of my heart's unspoken words that are read.
    The thoughts that spread never end, they louden till deaf, leaving meaning unsaid. These words that take space, they never descend; just build and build and brace up their sent.
    The sent is never spent, the rent is paid in vent; only tomorrow knows, if vacancy is lent. Tomorrow is better, more is available then; only to be filled once more with silence and words that never end. Dead silence is the outcome, dead silence is the same end.... more »

  • Disgrace

    ... more »

  • Even Tides

    'Sailing past the shore of regret, I'm met with waves of forgiveness in set.
    To see them come bow before, this boat of love and move me more.
    To this way and that, forgiveness can be tough like a ring-side match,
    But once aligned and set in mind, the oars do the working and the waves behind.... more »

  • Fade Grey

    'Fading Grey; what I thought would last has faded away. The last of what remains is but grey and fading. Stale, Waste, Disdain is all that remains. I can't remain with this in Me, I can't stay this way; 'Get Away! '. My hate rages for a Final Wave, of this disgrace to dissipate, and fade; Fade Away! '

    4/14/15... more »

  • Fair Maiden, The Titanic

    Searching amidst, the sea of depths
    The waves are crashing, under-swept
    For today, another one has gone
    Under, under, asunder beyond... more »

  • Happiness

    The gleeful ties that bind our lives,
    Binds us more than happenings inside.
    Ties our lives and binds our time,
    With timeless nights beyond our eyes.... more »

  • Learning To Hope Again

    -Learning To Hope Again-
    'There's a Hope inside, dormant, like a Giant! Awake O'Sleeper, the Night is gone, the Day is Bright. Arise, and let your Light So Shine; the day's just begun, Hope is Alive. Fight, Arise, and take Flight; these wings were meant to Fly. Fear dashes at first Light; the wind feels light against these wings held tight. Let 'em down, let 'em down; Everything Is Alright. Learning to fly starts with falling, then soaring upon the heights.' -IBL, -A.J.
    -Take Flight, Hope Leads To Greater Life!... more »

  • Living Life's Dream

    Cascading dreams float across your mind like lazy clouds making haste.
    A heart's life worn and waned, but never a waste.... more »

  • Love

    The greatest delight, my heart's a'light.
    That shine and shine, and makes more bright.
    Beautiful bright and brightly nice,
    This light that shines, brightens my night.... more »

  • Moonlight

    'For a moment I could see it again; the final rays of sun dancing beyond the horizon.
    In silence, the darkness is loudest; no trace of light, it is forgotten.
    The sudden vanishing, as light fades into nothing; only re-appearing as another light, reflecting.
    The night has lost its reign and rule, this sovereign is parted by shivers of crystal shrewn.... more »

  • No Return

    When you're past the point of no return, the feelings can be somewhat alone.
    Alone by yourself, is all you can hear; thoughts that speak louder than everything else.
    Why alone, when the no return should be good and not bad; that's how I feel, why this way.
    I venture to understand the confusion of this, but nothing comes just same feelings a'miss.... more »

  • Pain That Leads To Freedom

    As you pour your life, none knows that it's only going to be just another try.
    Having failed a million times and yet it's the same old game; give and always take, but never give back and never repay.
    It all stays the same, but now I recognize there is something developing.
    What is it, what is this thing; this thing that removes the ungodly sting of things that bring back pain from within.... more »

  • Sadness

    Deep within, on the inside, I feel a cry, a terrible mire; a hole within, a sickness inside.
    Beneath the smiles, beneath the hi's, a feeling of sadness, that tears my insides.
    To express it best, words I cannot confess, but written out, it lessens the stress.
    Why has this come, as if a test, the deepest parts, are without rest. Looking within I seek to rest, but find out things that leave me restless.... more »

  • Salutation

    This greeting, this meeting; leave space for our seating.
    This only comes once in a lifetime, like the Superbowl on a Sunday evening.
    Meet the needs, and make room for me; salutations, please.
    This theme grieves pardons and reprieves; like the last one, only manners make for the appeased.... more »

  • Sea Of Sadness

    Lost in this sea of sadness, the patterns never seem to change.
    The waves continue to crash over me, and leave me in dismay.

    I have been adrift, for what has seemed, for many months or even years.... more »