• A Demi-God

    How mighty your hands!
    They are really magic wands
    Summon us to our daily action
    Strict obedience is our reaction... more »

  • A Dewy Dawn

    The dawn emerged from night as pearls from shells
    The sun is smiling sweetly from the hills
    The landscape wakes as morning chorus start
    Here goes the march of time ahead so smart... more »

  • A Feast On Beauty

    Hillocks clad in soft green smock
    Head and foot under sleet and fog
    Zonked in cat- nap, like a bride
    It’s a vista of the mountain’s pride... more »

  • A Hymn To Mankind

    What breeze to leaves conveys in whisper short
    The lightning flashes news across the sky
    As sea bestows a kiss on lips of lands
    A cloud above in wonder heaves a sigh... more »

  • An E-Mail To The God

    I beseech your gracious attention, Lord
    Peruse this humble e-mail to You, God
    Our countenance has immensely changed
    We’re not in the frame as You first arranged... more »

  • An Unsung Song

    The rising sun
    The gleaming sky
    The chiming bells
    Tell of my love... more »

  • Evening Euphoria

    There on the ripples my little canoe
    Sways and swings to Nature's rhythm
    Evening sky with its conjuring trick
    Tempts and induces the water to gleam... more »

  • Home Sick

    Call me back home, my mother!
    I'm damn sick bitten by this weather
    Feed me the nectar from thy breasts
    As, my growth, this ailment arrests... more »

  • It’s Not Gainsaid!

    Move on this life in a pattern that’s linear
    Cyclic are all those dreams to me familiar
    The crescent moon promises to grow in full
    Let’s hope our simple efforts to be fruitful... more »

  • Morning Stroll

    Hold my hand, let me walk with you
    Lawns with flowers, paint a subtle hue
    Let's tread the tracks in the mountains
    Down in the valley, along the plains... more »

  • Sailing By

    Sailed aboard this vessel, far and wide
    Tossed and washed by waves and tide
    Often caught in storm and whirlwind
    Sea sick from danger that icebergs hint... more »

  • The Great Wizard

    What a plentiful store of toys!
    Have in you, oh! world!
    To fascinate us little kids
    To thine twisting ways varied... more »

  • The Season's Greetings

    In blossoms stands the orchard spick and span
    As minds are filled with fragrance soothing soft
    A song of cheer is sung by bees and leaves
    Attend the feast of sounds and colours grand... more »

  • To My God-Son, Jeff

    With love to my god-son, Jeff
    I know you will find it tough
    Better you tie it to your waist
    So that these will not go waste... more »

  • To My Muse

    At times I feel you near by
    Sometimes as you soar high
    All time I wish you be with me
    But I feel you hasten to flee... more »