• Fair Flowers

    Friends are fair flowers
    That adorn
    The fields of life... more »

  • I Cry

    I know I must not ask why
    for every soul has a term fixed to die
    So, with all the man in me I try
    To fight my tears and say goodbye... more »

  • I Stand Before You

    I stand before you!
    My eyes are crimson,
    So are yours.
    We are torn... more »

  • Immortal Images

    Each time I close my eyes
    Images of the days gone by
    Like a flood come surging
    I see you emerge from the kitchen... more »

  • Is This You That I See

    Akmal, my dear
    Is this you that I see
    This little ruby
    Sparkling with innocence... more »

  • Longing

    I want to behold your face
    On the belly of the horizon
    Growing darker and darker
    Until it bursts... more »

  • My Angel

    I look; in the glitter of your eyes
    I see the promise of paradise
    On your smooth celestial face
    I see the boundless beauty of the black race... more »

  • My Love For You Shall Remain

    O' brightest of stars
    O' worthiest of praise
    O' warmest of shoulders
    O' my prop in distress... more »

  • O' Mother Africa

    O’ Mother Africa
    Wipe away these beads of sorrow
    That harrow and scorn thy lovely brow... more »

  • On The Threshold…

    My heart is soft
    My eyes are wet
    Each night I wait
    Silent... more »

  • Parting Rite

    With stern faces we stand
    On this beckoning sand
    Facing east
    Praying for the deceased... more »

  • Reminiscence

    At dawn
    When birds sing
    Fluttering their wings
    And dancing on tree tops... more »

  • Sunset

    ... more »

  • The Battle Is Over

    The battle is over
    The dust has settled
    Together we toil
    in the void of a collosal loss... more »

  • The Call

    I hear that call
    From far away
    Gentle, caressing...
    Those tender words... more »

  • This Dance

    In your face
    Beyond the embers
    That glow in you eyes
    I see that day... more »

  • Time Has Passed By

    Time has passed by
    And slowly we rise
    From the dark pit of our slumber... more »

  • Twisted

    You have been a friend most true
    And all that is sweet is you
    But my heart, twisted by your charm
    Now sings love...Oh, in my arms... more »

  • Upon Each Turn Of My Head

    Upon each turn of my head,
    I behold your face-
    Your presence fills my heart... more »

  • Words

    Words show me brightest of lights
    Words show me darkest of nights

    Words make tender my heart... more »

  • Your Call

    Amidst the dark walls
    Of ignorance,
    Your call rose, still rises,
    Higher than the sun,... more »

  • Your Ways

    From the gloom of my nights to the light of my days
    I find myself counting your countless salient ways

    Could I ever imagine the pain I caused you... more »