• Crass Cacophony

    cute is the crass cacophony
    twisted is the turning tide
    prose is the poem phoney
    web is the world wide... more »

  • Dreamy Eyed

    yesterday i had one sweet dream
    about me having chocklate and ice cream
    and flying over new york city
    and wooing a girl by being witty... more »

  • Look Closely But Dont Be Closed

    everyone tells me i am not,
    what i think, what i ought.
    i am a stinker, i am a rot,
    i am just another robot.... more »

  • Please Comment!

    when someone picks a pen,
    in poemhunter - the poet's den,
    and writes a poetry then,
    amount women and men,... more »

  • Rhyme Chime

    everything is grose,
    from poem to prose,
    from red rum to rose,
    from pictures to pose.... more »

  • 'Rhyme Crime' Grime

    jobless are we,
    cant you see,
    time is sold free,
    from sky to sea,... more »