• Cancer

    Doctors face pale, told a lie,
    thing inside consuming all,
    feeling fine, await recall.
    Before long, signs jump out,... more »

  • Growing Still

    Hello to the hell of life,
    hello mother...use that knife.
    Cut the cord to the past,
    help hate...to always last.... more »

  • Growing Without

    Bruises always hidden well,
    I promised I would never tell.
    Beaten because I was born,
    a label I have always worn.... more »

  • Last Long Look

    Darkness swept upon the home,
    embers from the fire flicker,
    sitting in a chair alone,
    wasted cigarette bottle of liquor.... more »

  • Working For Fun

    The jobs we have, we do with joy,
    even the lowest whipping boy,
    loves to feel masters whip,
    for the chance of a small tip.... more »