• A Basket Of Flowers

    From Dawn to Dusk


    ON skies still and starlit
    White lustres take hold,... more »

  • A Dedication

    They are rhymes rudely strung with intent less
    Of sound than of words,
    In lands where bright blossoms are scentless,
    And songless bright birds;... more »

  • A Fragment

    They say that poison-sprinkled flowers
    Are sweeter in perfume
    Than when, untouched by deadly dew,
    They glowed in early bloom.... more »

  • A Hunting Song

    Here's a health to every sportsman, be he stableman or lord,
    If his heart be true, I care not what his pocket may afford;... more »

  • A Legend Of Madrid


    Crush'd and throng'd are all the places
    In our amphitheatre,
    'Midst a sea of swarming faces... more »

  • A Song Of Autumn

    ‘WHERE shall we go for our garlands glad
    At the falling of the year,
    When the burnt-up banks are yellow and sad,
    When the boughs are yellow and sere?... more »

  • An Exile's Farewell

    The ocean heaves around us still
    With long and measured swell,
    The autumn gales our canvas fill,
    Our ship rides smooth and well.... more »

  • Argemone

    The terrible night-watch is over,
    I turn where I lie,
    To eastward my dim eyes discover
    Faint streaks in the sky ;... more »

  • Ars Longa

    [A Song of Pilgrimage]

    Our hopes are wild imaginings,
    Our schemes are airy castles,... more »

  • Ashtaroth: A Dramatic Lyric

    Dramatis Personae... more »

  • Bellona

    Thou art moulded in marble impassive,
    False goddess, fair statue of strife,
    Yet standest on pedestal massive,
    A symbol and token of life.... more »

  • Borrow'D Plumes

    [A Preface and a Piracy]


    OF borrow’d plumes I take the sin,
    My extracts will apply... more »

  • By Flood And Field 2

    They have saddled a hundred milk-white steeds,
    They have bridled a hundred black.—Old Ballad.... more »

  • By Wood And Wold

    Lightly the breath of the spring wind blows,
    Though laden with faint perfume,
    'Tis the fragrance rare that the bushman knows,
    The scent of the wattle bloom.... more »

  • Cito Pede Preterit Aetas

    A mellower light doth Sol afford,
    His meridian glare has pass'd
    And the trees on the broad and sloping sward
    Their length'ning shadows cast... more »

  • Confiteor

    The shore-boat lies in the morning light,
    By the good ship ready for sailing ;
    The skies are clear, and the dawn is bright,... more »

  • Cui Bono

    Oh! wind that whistles o'er thorns and thistles,
    Of this fruitful earth like a goblin elf;... more »

  • De Te

    A burning glass of burnish'd brass,
    The calm sea caught the noontide rays,
    And sunny slopes of golden grass
    And wastes of weed-flower seem to blaze.... more »

  • Deliah

    [From a Picture]

    The sun has gone down, spreading wide on
    The sky-line one ray of red fire ;... more »

  • Doubtful Dreams

    Aye, snows are rife in December,
    And sheaves are in August yet,
    And you would have me remember,
    And I would rather forget ;... more »

  • Early Adieux

    Adieu to kindred hearts and home,
    To pleasure, joy, and mirth,
    A fitter foot than mine to roam
    Could scarcely tread the earth ;... more »

  • Exodus Parthenidae

    The Lay of the Last Squatter

    Draw your chair to the fire, old woman,
    The days are warm, but the nights are cold ;
    So, they've hunted our milkers off the common,... more »

  • Fauconshawe

    [A Ballad]

    To fetch clear water out of the spring
    The little maid Margaret ran,... more »

  • Finis Exoptatus

    Boot and saddle, see, the slanting
    Rays begin to fall,
    Flinging lights and colours flaunting
    Through the shadows tall.... more »

  • Fragmentary Scenes From The Road To Avernus

    I said to young Allan M'Ilveray,
    Beside the swift swirls of the North,
    When, in lilac shot through with a silver ray,
    We haul'd the strong salmon fish forth... more »