• A Gift For A Friend

    The mirror of my soul
    Reflects a thousand spirits.
    I stand in the void,
    Grasping to find... more »

  • California Reverie

    California reveries of dreams assail me
    As waves of sleep drift from Lethe’s misty shore
    Memories to keep past such fateful banks
    And a remembrance of things past, things... more »

  • God-

    God I thought you were trying to get to me so I got off the phone.
    God come on and talk to me if you’ve got something to say.
    God hurry up—you’ve got eternity but I’ve only got a few million lousy minutes.
    God I’ve got other people to talk to.... more »

  • Little God

    I keep my little God in a box of space.
    He talks to me in my sleep,
    and He whispers the answers
    to a thousand unasked questions.... more »

  • Odysseus's Return

    And now you return, thrice noble Odysseus:
    How, pray tell, do your people greet you?
    They greet with song and dance, with festivity and song.
    They greet with legends made and newer poems sung.... more »

  • On Writing A Poem (To The Critic)

    You attack my poetry—
    It lacks meter,
    You say,
    And neglects... more »

  • On Writing A Poem (To The Student)

    You ask me how
    I write a poem;
    How I change
    Leaves to snowflakes... more »