• Beauty

    I walked out my front door today
    Only to find the trees standing tall
    The flowers showing off their bright colors of pink, yellow, purple, blue, and white
    I also can see the neverending blue sea of the sky... more »

  • Fear

    Fear is a killing machine
    It has been twisted by people to use on others
    Our society strives to drive fear through you,
    Maybe to even kill you... more »

  • I Want To Be Me

    My dreams are full of many things
    But sometimes they are hard to decipher
    I wonder if my goal in life is clear
    But I will never know until I can see myself more clearly... more »

  • My Broken Heart

    My heart hurt from your hard words
    I couldn't stop my crying for many days
    Your smile wouldn't leave my dreams
    Your smell wouldn't leave my nose... more »

  • My Woman

    I had trouble moving today
    But I saw you and my body felt no pain
    Your eyes were a mezmerizing pool of hope
    Your lips made me want to shout for joy... more »