Adam Zagajewski

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Nobody knows who is who. Adam Zagajewsji recently gave interview to german's media. This pseudo-poet and pseudo-inteligent was able to defame the most and patriots of Poland. If Zagajewski is Polish this is very strange. MORE; to german's media he accused new democratic polish government of something that does not exist. He speaks in the name of all Poles despite of the fact that most of Poles elected new and anti-communist government. In other words: if he acts against new Polaand's patriotic government, this means that he is close to post-communists from PO, PSL, SLD parties. Being poets, or any kind of intelectual does not mean that the person is respectful and is worth of any respect. For me as native Pole, Zagajewski belong to second sort of Poles who are able to betrate his own country to Poland's enemies such as Germany now. Everyone who read my text should be better inform about history of pOLAND AFTER 1989 and the fact that communists never gave up power to oppositionist. When they were able to steal in cover, after 1989 ther robbed Poland in vain of law. Many of them where member of PO party who failed last election. PO-PSL creted system of lawlessness and anti-democtratic esnlave citizenz. Now we have finally own patriotic govt PiS. If Zagaajewski acts against patriots, them he is Polands' traitor. Just as shit
Adam Zagajewski is a Poland's traiter who instigate Germans in germans media against polish patriots who have chosen new democratic government. More; in interview to germans' media he defamed good name of polish heros who were killed by Soviets after WWII. Does not matter if he is poet or any kind of intelectuals. HE IS POLAND'S TRAITOR who is not worth to spit into his face
He is Truely an amazing poet who deserves all glory