• Curios

    Up on the hill where nobody goes
    Lives a woman named Mrs. DeSoto.
    In his house, he has a room
    And in that room are curios.... more »

  • Glass Candy

    Glass candy
    Pink, blue, green, orange
    Any color.... more »

  • Goodbye

    Dresses, suits, button-ups
    We walk down the aisle
    This glorious sixth-grade year of 2007-2008
    Has come to an end.... more »

  • Just A Dream

    The ocean ran
    100 miles an hour
    The ocean left... more »

  • Let Go

    I love it in the water so deep
    Breathing fresh air
    So let go...
    And just see... more »

  • Life In A Jar

    Inside the jar is...
    New life.
    It sits
    On the shelf... more »

  • Moth

    Papery wings
    So fragile, delicate
    Fluttering softly to his dusty nest
    He rests.... more »

  • Porcelain Dancer

    I opened the music box
    And music poured out,
    Enchanting me.
    Inside the music box... more »

  • Secret Place

    I know a secret place
    No, not Narnia or Hogwarts
    But my secret place.
    A secret place... more »

  • Shawn Johnson

    She flies
    She glides
    Her feet
    Hitting the floor... more »

  • The Crow

    The crow flies
    Gently down
    To the ground.
    The sun... more »

  • The Greenpeace Girl

    Went to Greenpeace.
    People all around
    May whisper, 'Who did that? Who would give up their money? '... more »

  • The Rain

    Crystalline raindrops
    Drip like tears
    Of the sky.
    Drops of rain... more »

  • The Tea-Cake

    On a white china plate
    In the middle of a cherry-wood round dinner table
    Sat a teacake.
    Around the table... more »