• (ashake Awelewa) The Beauty, My Love

    Even your beauty shadow,
    At blink of my oxygen unforseen
    Cease breathe from my bewildered lung.
    Creates slow throbs to my marvel heart.... more »

  • Beauty That Caged

    Your beauty is an unfathomable wind,
    That keeps blowing,
    Blowing unfathomable particle's into these wide eyes,
    With these eyes stuck with its particles,... more »

  • Beauty That Caged 2

    Your beauty blew into these eyes,
    As it passes across your countenance,
    Just Like its does passes,
    Along every countenance,... more »

  • Disguises Moonlight

    Shine! shinning only at nights
    Not at days illuminates the earth
    With reduced brightness only at nights.... more »

  • Ends 2

    Tin! Tingin Tingin! are those birds voice, so
    Is their kind and non.
    Once upon a time is those of human as
    Theirs, good as bone in the grave... more »

  • Ends Iv

    I sit, straddle from the astrodome,
    Admist its elements, above the earth,
    I gaze, gaze in the astrograph
    To its elements spring via the firmament,... more »

  • Gold For The Woods

    we are of kubera lineage,
    Born with silver spoons like common gifted placentas,
    We were delivered on the wide platan of golds,
    Feed with Milk and honey as a child's,... more »

  • Gracious [breeze(S) ]

    Oh! Your presence my body feels
    My parts assembly stands as an ovation, as
    My ear sights your one gentle voice
    My skin claim your please caresses as... more »

  • They Feel (Do I Really Need It?) .

    I seem lonely, do I really need an attachment? ,
    Like a spiral shellto a breezy snail;
    When he can always feel secure under the tree,
    Under the stone and at the shallow of the land.... more »

  • Unusual Attraction

    She is at far,
    When my drifty eyes stuck at the sight of her Way's,
    My system's feels her unfathomable presence afar,
    As my norm feet's is at a twink heavy;... more »