• Four Friends

    We were four friends
    He was a real friend
    We were four brothers
    He was a real brother... more »

  • Heart Break

    This poem is dedicated to Azu. It was written as a result of the ordeal he went through when someone he loved erased the footprints of her love from his life. Someone, he not only loved but nurtured.

    My heart breaks like beaks of birds
    Stricken against the mourning mountain... more »

  • Riffles And The People

    Born in Kano for a new dawn
    Raised for the people without frown
    Grew with wills
    Climbed the hills... more »

  • The History Of Tomorrow

    I want to tell you the history of tomorrow
    It’s the history of how our leaders fulfilled a promise of light
    By dumping us in the dark with pits everywhere... more »

  • The Rich Beggar

    He was rich in the morning
    He swam too far in wealth for any man to reach
    He was too far to hear the Poor’s mourning
    Too busy to save a life with the offer of a fish... more »