• Bamidele

    I walked among renowned men
    In lands near and far
    Nor Dele! Did I know till then
    What love I had for you.... more »

  • Bethy In Our Streety

    Of all the girls that are so smart
    There’s none like pretty Bethy
    She is the darling of my heart
    And she lives in our streety.... more »

  • Evening Shadows

    I've said goodbyes before
    Twice unplanned by the seashore
    Many unsigned at the tarmacs;
    And not once have I said... more »

  • Poem For My Hubby

    ... more »

  • Pretty Girl Goes Married

    pretty girl
    I am happy for you, truly
    that's my girl...crawling the aisle-
    so all good mothers have done... more »

  • Take A Night Off

    The day is soon to end
    And man is set to rest
    If to serve each day we bend
    Sweet sleep shall serve us best.... more »